trember | 3 things your hybrid event really needs

Want to bring your event to life for an onsite and online audience? If so, you can add an almost infinite number of features and gadgets, driving up the complexity. In the end, you might leave it alone and choose one or the other. But by doing so, you exclude valuable parts of your target audience. Yet a hybrid event can be quite simple and exciting to implement at the same time. What do you need? These are the 3 things that really matter:

An event platform with a WOW effect

WOW can already mean: WOW how simple. Easy to use and reliable in performance. In addition, your platform should already include a way for participants to provide feedback - integrated and for both groups. It's best to choose one that already has a video solution integrated. Why? Because the participants are then spared what you surely know from your everyday life when changing video conferencing systems: Sometimes the sound is off, sometimes the video, sometimes something has to be allowed here, sometimes there. If your video tool is firmly integrated into the event platform, your participants are spared this. Plus, no one needs to download, refresh, or open a second browser tab anymore. Seamless integration is always better. Whether it's video or feedback tools. A really good event platform "knows that" and therefore has it up and running right from the start.

How to make yourself heard by your audience

Want to capture the attention of your target audience? Then you need a whole magic kit to outsmart people's insanely short attention span these days. The burning topic under the nails, convincing speakers, alternating formats, and much more. But just as important: audio and video that convinces. Your audience must not even notice that you have gone all out in terms of audio and video. It's like all those event tasks that no one ever sees unless you forgot one or didn't get it done. No one will thank you for the good audio and video, but EVERYONE will complain if it didn't work.

Our most important tip for you is: Use a platform that gets by with minimal latency. It's best to use one that doesn't require an extra streaming server. That's the only way to make panel discussions, votings, or connecting speakers from another studio or office a pleasure. Even with a time offset of 4 to 5 seconds, as is common with YouTube live streaming, for example, you and your participants will not enjoy a hybrid panel discussion. 

When you can safely forget about latency: When there is no form of interaction. But then you might as well pre-record your event and make it available on-demand.

The money-saving tip: Did you know that your hybrid event naturally becomes much cheaper right away if you can do without an intermediary streaming provider? 

Some real eye candy - optimized view for online and offline participants

You eat with your eyes. No matter whether you choose fashionable clothing, regularly go to the hairdresser, or whether you invite participants to your event. Therefore, make your hybrid event a feast for the eyes as well. The on-site attendee will see a coherently designed stage and have the best view of the speakers and presentations. So far, so good - that's standard even from pre-pandemic times. But now it's important that you also design the online part in an appealing way. Include the slides separately in the broadcast image for the online participants and don't simply film them. Also, refrain from including countless backs of heads in the broadcast video for the online participant. Nobody really wants to see that anymore.

By the way: With trember, participants automatically receive the view optimized for them - for face-to-face participation or the one for online participation. 


Hybrid events can quickly become complex and expensive. But they don't have to be. With an event platform that already has the video conferencing tool integrated, you save your participants annoying downloads and unpleasant latency effects during voting, panel discussions, and when speakers are connected. What's more, as an organizer, you save the cost of an extra streaming service and - thanks to the hybrid format - reach even more participants. Win-win for everyone, right?

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