Engagement That Makes an Impact

Our all-in-one solution is built around sparking meaningful relationships. Attract, engage, and convert audiences using trember’s seamless navigation, interactive tools, and robust custom and scalable branding capabilities.

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Conversations Have Never Been so Real

Guests can mingle and move fluidly between conversational groups within the same room – and will hear only the participants who are close to them.

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Connected Rooms for Optimum Engagement

Simplify navigation by linking rooms together and creating a space where guests can seamlessly follow your event schedule.

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Networking Made Easy

In just one click, guests can exchange contact details with participants using our virtual business card.

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Full Control Over Guest Permissions

You have the power to configure settings per room. Enable guests to share pictures and videos, present screens, draw, and more.

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Easily Share Content

Add links, buttons, and clickable pictures during your event to share valuable materials, pictures, addresses, and more to create the ultimate guest experience. 

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