What is trember made for?

trember is a virtual room based on a video chat solution and a great alternative to all current video meeting platforms as it provides more flexibility. It is made for a real-life experience in a virtual environment.
trember is used by different companies and institutions, like e.g. universities, colleges, schools, enterprises, small companies, hospitals, self employed for workshops, team meetings, presentations, conferences, fairs, online classes, social gatherings, all-hand meetings, casual events and many more.

What is the difference between trember and other providers like Zoom, Hangout, MS Teams, Webex, etc.?

As most other video platforms are made for “one-to-many” communication, trember gives the opportunity to communicate in larger groups independently and simultaneously in one room. Therefore it gives more flexibility to create any kind of virtual meeting or event, from small team meetings to larger conferences.

How much does it cost to use trember?

trember offers both a free version, which can be used ad-hoc, and a paid premium version. You can currently simply create as many rooms as needed and invite as many participants as desired. For larger professional events, we offer a premium package with numerous additional features that are not included in the free version. Find more about it here: https://app.trember.com/virtual-events/

How many participants can enter a room?

In a single virtual room, for technical and organizational reasons, up to 25 users can participate simultaneously, for some premium versions of rooms – up to 50. Nevertheless, events, trade fairs, etc. with several thousand participants can be easily mapped. The room itself is unlimited in size and each participant can move freely within it. From the beginning of July 2021, we will additionally offer special rooms with stage mode, which can accommodate up to 1000 participants, for lectures and panel discussions.

How easy is it to use trember?

Creating a trember room, entering it and inviting people is super easy. Actually it was our main approach to create a very low hurdle for everyone.
That’s why you don’t need to download and install anything or register with any personal details in order to use a trember room.

What about data protection?

Our platform is GDPR compliant. Our servers are based in Germany and are protected by the European GDPR law. As you don’t need to register with personal details in order to use trember via web application, we don’t know much about you anyway.
All details about data protection are explained in detail in our Privacy Policy (https://app.trember.com/privacy-policy/).

Do I need to download the app to use trember?

No, you don’t need the trember app in order to use the virtual platform. The trember app is rather nice to have, if you want to customize the entry to your virtual room or to manage many different rooms. The app also gives the opportunity to create and initiate real-life events.Unfortunately the app is not available in every country.

On what devices does trember work?

trember works on all devices, like computers, smartphones and tablets, as the trember rooms are opened in your browser, either desktop or mobile, anyways.

Only disadvantage for mobile browsers is that mobile devices are not able to provide all trember features, like presentation mode or screen sharing. Therefore we always recommend to use trember on computers.

What browser do you recommend?

We are recommending the usage of Google Chrome as first choice. The trember platform also works fine on Firefox. All other browsers, like e.g. Safari, Edge or Opera can cause different issues, either on desktop or on mobile phones.

I am using Chrome. But what if my screen stays white after entering the trember room?

This issue can be caused by the automatic google language translator that might be activated in your Chrome browser. Please deactivate this function and enter the trember room again.

What can I do if the camera or microphone are not working?

There could be many reasons why your mic or cam are not working.

Here are the most common things you can do to solve the problem:

  1. Refresh the page
  2. Make sure no other program is connected to your mic or cam, e.g. if you have used another video provider shortly before.
  3. Change the browser. We recommend using trember with Google Chrome, followed by Firefox.
  4. Give permission to use the camera and/or microphone in your browser
  5. If you declined the permission for mic and cam in the first place, you need to enable them in your browser setting.
    For Google Chrome: Click on the cam icon in the url bar. Click on “Settings”. Change permissions of cam and/or mic
    For Firefox: Click on the cam icon in the url bar. Change permissions of cam and/or mic
  6. Check and enable the browser in your firewall settings and refresh the page again

Detailed instructions can be found here.

What features are currently available in the rooms?

  1. Move your video freely in the room
  2. Move the whole room
  3. Zoom in and out
  4. Enable cam and mic
  5. Invite others by copy-link, send by mail or SMS
  6. Simultaneous screen sharing from each participant
  7. Upload unlimited images or Youtube videos to background canvas and change size and position in room
  8. Pin images to the background and create individual backgrounds
  9. Draw on background canvas like on a whiteboard and also drawing on pinned images
  10. Change background pattern or color
  11. Stage view mode for presentations
  12. Raise hand function
  13. Chat function and files exchange
  14. Changing audio effects to proximity mode
  15. Detailed admin settings
  16. Business card exchange (only for premium)
  17. Connect different trember rooms with each other (only for premium)
  18. Remove other users from room, disable others videos and/or microphones
  19. Add buttons to background with individual URLs (only for premium)

Do I have certain admin rights and what do they include?

You will become admin as soon as you are the first person to enter the trember room. You can find all admin right by clicking the button "settings" in the top right corner. With the admin rights you can enable and disable all functionalities for other participants, like:

  • Mute all guest
  • Mute all new guests
  • Pin users to the background
  • Pin/Unpin all users to the background
  • Move pinned users around
  • Clean up background canvas (Images, drawings, videos etc.)
  • Add more admins to the room
  • Enable/Disable the following features:
  • Raise hand function
  • Add photos, videos and drawings
  • Share screen
  • Change background color or pattern
  • Switch audio mode

Can I prepare rooms in advance?

Yes, you can create a room and set up all design and content requirements in advance. Your room will stay the same even when you leave it. Your room will stay available under the same url.

Do we all see the same in the room?

Almost all features are synchronized, which means that every participant will see the same, like changing background pattern, uploading images and videos or changing the size and location, moving around in the room etc. What they won’t see is moving the whole room or zooming in and out.

How does the stage view mode work?

The stage mode is made for presentations. When enabling this mode you will be able to structurize the room immediately by enlarging your own video and opening a stage for your presentation. Further all other participants will be arranged like sitting in rows of chairs.

Every participant that is not admin, will automatically be muted and cannot unmute themselves.