5 biggest mistakes about (online) events

For some they are a true blessing and for others a red rag: online events. But no matter which side you're on, have you ever noticed the misconceptions and myths that persist around online events?

How to prepare for events in autumn

Autumn is high time to make sure you're not only reaching out to all your employees and guests, but also making it possible for them to attend your events - no matter where they are or why they might not want to come to a live event.

Do you know the attendee personas of your virtual event?

With virtual events, just as with live events and as in marketing in general, there are very typical representatives of your target group. Some behave like this; others like that, and you as an event planner have to reconcile them all somehow. Why? Only in this way you can attract them and optimize your conceptual design.

3 things your hybrid event really needs

Want to bring your event to life for an onsite and online audience? If so, you can add an almost infinite number of features and gadgets, driving up the complexity. Yet a hybrid event can be quite simple and exciting to implement at the same time. What do you need? These are the 3 things that really matter.

How to make your face-to-face event cheaper and more appealing at the same time?

Face-to-face networking is a more intense experience, and lead generation is easier for many in the offline world. However, those who completely ignore the online world will miss out on valuable opportunities

Virtual office instead of lonely coffee kitchen

With a virtual office from trember, you bring the coffee kitchen back to your employees. This is how you boost the team spirit and performance of your employees who work remotely in home offices or at worldwide locations.

Building the Next Era of the Metaverse with trember

A multiverse, or pluriverse, is an open world of unique metaverses. Web 3.0 is meant to be more open, more ethical, and more inclusive than any other stage of the internet thus far. In order for this to happen, there must be many hands working on metaverse projects, and no one brand should be the face of the movement.


What if my camera or microphone is not working
Can't hear/see others
Poor quality of video / lagging sound / video and screen freezing
White screen

Introducing iFrame integrations

You asked for it, and we made it! Now on premium plans, iFrame integration is accessible with all of your favourite tools: from Google Docs to Miro, from Slido to Canva.

Introducing the new “Stage View” mode

Up to 1000 viewers and up to 6 speakers on stage

Wir sind trember – wir machen Online-Events der Zukunft!

29. Mai 2021. „WOMEN&WORK 2021” – die wichtigste Karriere-Messe für Frauen in Europa – gehtmit trember zum ersten Mal komplett digital über die Bühne. Und das mit einem Riesenerfolg.