How to make your face-to-face event cheaper and more appealing at the same time?

In-person events are back. Many event organizers and participants are happy about it. After all, face-to-face networking is a more intense experience, and lead generation is easier for many in the offline world. However, those who completely ignore the online world will miss out on valuable opportunities: from cheaper trade fair participation per square meter and per visitor to more sustainable and crisis-proof presentations. In this article, we will show you how you can host your face-to-face event more cheaply and make it more appealing at the same time.

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How to make your face-to-face event more appealing

Take advantage of the opportunities that digital event solutions and platforms offer. By this we mean both the virtual event platform for broadcasting or recording your events and the digital interaction tools. To prevent it from being only a buzzword, we have brought you very specific examples from our customers.

Extend the trade fair online

One of our trade fair organizers has very successfully extended its trade fair into the digital world. Anyone who wanted could physically participate on site or participate via live broadcasts from another location. In this way you can bring your event to another location and include interesting guests. In addition, your online audience can easily follow and actively participate in the event.

Offer your real estate both offline and online

As a landlord of an event location, you can offer and sell the real estate of the virtual event in addition to the physical areas at the venue. As the saying goes, "Come to us at the location and you will get the digital world on top". This makes your location even more attractive for event planners and yourself as the landlord benefits from a second foothold. Plus: By working with online event platforms, you build up expertise and can advise your tenants even better.

Bring on-site participants together with sought-after speakers

You have probably already asked one or the other speaker repeatedly if he or she could make it at your event. But unfortunately their calendars just don't work and that's why you haven't succeeded so far. So how about simply adding highly coveted speakers to your online event? Of course not all and of course not always. But once in a while it would work. Perhaps with the one you've never been able to invite before. After all, it makes a big difference whether a speaker has to make the journey to your location or he can join simply for a moment from remote. The level of commitment differs enormously.

But beware: for such integrations you need proper software and hardware. Otherwise the listeners on site simply won't enjoy it. However, the fact that this is possible is proven daily by the news programs and TV shows that we are all very familiar with.

By the way: You can get very reliable software and hardware solutions from trember.

How your face-to-face event becomes cheaper

Only a limited number of participants can come to a face-to-face event, because of the capacities of the halls and venues. However, if you also bring your event to the Internet, you can reach more target groups. People who, for example, currently do not want to or cannot travel. Or people for whom the effort to travel to your event is too high. Or those who, for environmental reasons, do not want to make a longer trip for a short stay on site. Whatever the reason, people don't want to travel to your face-to-face event - they are out there and you can still reach them. Ultimately, this increases the total number of participants and thus reduces the cost per acquired participant or per lead.

Cheaper face-to-face event thanks to the spared travel

Most organizers do not pay anything for the travel of their participants, unless it is a corporate event or hosted buyer program. But even if you can “only” save money for the travel of a few speakers, this has an impact on the cost-benefit balance of your entire event.

Just ask your speakers if they would also be there online. With good preparation, stable hardware, reliable internet and an easy-to-use event platform, this is easier than many people think.

The cheaper face-to-face event for the exhibitors

It is worthwhile for exhibitors to extend a face-to-face event to the online world because they - like the organizers - can reach more participants, more interested parties and more leads. So everyone can be there - online and offline participants. Exhibitors can also actively integrate online participants into their presentations and network with interested parties in video meetings.

The safer face-to-face event thanks to the backup plan

Do you remember the last flight accident, 9/11, or the ash cloud? Sometimes it is simply not possible for speakers to travel - despite the best preparation. With an event where you can also add your speakers online, you are prepared for (almost) all possibilities. Whatever challenges we may face in the coming months or years.

The more sustainable event

Environmental protection is more than a slogan of the students who take to the streets on Fridays. It is the challenge of our century and we have not yet solved it. Online participation, be it by participants, speakers or exhibitors, makes a more climate-friendly participation for your event. Of course, this also consumes resources, but usually far less than the physical participation.


Anyone who expands their face-to-face events with an online component increases both the reach of their events and of the exhibitors. In addition, you can "turn outside" to interesting places and speakers and crisis-proof yourself for (almost) all challenges that will come in the future - above all the climate change.

Want to learn how trember helps to create appealing face-to-face events? Talk to our team

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