How to prepare for events in autumn

More and more event planners and organizers are getting in touch with us who are already preparing specifically for autumn events. Because this is so important and because many are once again - and rightly - uncertain, we have compiled the best tips and alternative plans for your events in autumn and winter in this blog post.

What you can look forward to in event planning

The summer has been pretty hot so far, but in the fall it could catch you freezing cold. Why: Corona is far from over, and whether gas supplies from Russia will continue to arrive is totally unclear. Plus, it's high time to make sure you're not only reaching out to all your employees and guests, but also making it possible for them to attend your events - no matter where they are or why they might not want to come to a live event. 

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Corona and Events

Corona is far from over. Case numbers are (already) on the rise again and many event planners are wondering if we can only offer live events "from E to O" - that is, from Easter to October. 

When it comes to the question of presence or non-presence, as well as in everyday life in general, for most it is no longer a question of getting sick with Corona and perhaps dying from it. So this fall, it's no longer just about what politics dictates, but also about remaining employable as a company. You probably know what we mean, because in many companies the one or other Corona wave hit "like a bomb". Companies, and therefore also their managers, can no longer afford to send their employees to an event and then have to cope with the wave of absenteeism a few days later. The same applies, of course, to the guests. Here, too, companies do not want to be responsible for having caused a huge loss of staff.

That's why many planners and supervisors already use physical meetings only in a very targeted way. They obtain specific information, e.g. from us, and we develop concrete concepts. 

Exploding energy and transportation costs

Whether or not, there is a halt to gas supplies. Most certainly, energy and transport costs will continue to rise. This will make some events simply uneconomical. Even from the point of view of the participants, who pay for their own travel to and from some events, attending an event in Präsenz will become an expensive pleasure. 

Therefore, reduce energy and transport costs at all reasonable points of your event planning. 

Do you include all employees and guests? 

Diversity is more than a buzzword. Especially when it comes to written language, many companies and organizations are concerned about including everyone in their communications. But what about live events? There's often still a lot of catching up to do here - whether it's accessibility for a specific live event or alternative event participation, e.g. in digital form. Some people simply don't want to travel to the event or, when weighing up the costs and benefits, come to the conclusion that the journey is not worthwhile. In such cases, online parts of events or satellite events are an excellent alternative.

How to prepare for the event fall and winter

You probably already guessed it: plan an event that includes online offerings or runs completely online. Which variant is better depends on your specific goals and the general conditions.

Anyone planning international events is currently focusing heavily on purely digital formats or is trying to implement satellite events at the individual company locations. This creates more of a "we" feeling among employees, and the Corona risk and travel costs are kept within bounds in the truest sense of the word.

As you prepare for your fall event, be sure to ask yourself the following:

5 tips to make your fall events a success

You still need arguments for your superiors or clients?

If so, we've collected a few good reasons for digital parts, purely virtual or hybrid events this fall and winter:

What does that mean specifically? Reduce the size of your live events. Make the event exclusive - either for employees or for guests. Those who absolutely want to come can be there. Everyone else gets an attractive online experience. This absolutely includes welcoming your online guests as warmly as possible and addressing them again and again, and making the formats as lively for the participants on the screen as we know it from TV shows or from a soccer broadcast. 

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