Building the Next Era of the Metaverse with trember

The metaverse is a 3D world existing on an online platform where digital avatars controlled by real humans – like you – can move around and interact with unique environments, as well as each other.

There are people credited with coining the term — in 1950’s quantum mechanics, the concept of the multiverse was introduced by Hugh Everett. However, the metaverse is actually only a recent physical manifestation of an idea spoken about by multiple ancient cultures and religions, including Hinduism in India.

A multiverse, or pluriverse, is an open world of unique metaverses. Web 3.0 is meant to be more open, more ethical, and more inclusive than any other stage of the internet thus far. In order for this to happen, there must be many hands working on metaverse projects, and no one brand should be the face of the movement.

There is room for everyone– this applies to the people who use the technology also, not simply the ones researching, designing, and building it.

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What is Facebook doing about the Metaverse?

The internet has been abuzz recently with news of the metaverse, especially since Facebook’s recent rebrand to Meta and pivot to the Web 3.0 space took place. Many new to this space are wondering exactly what the metaverse even is. What exactly is the potential that Facebook sees in this new technology?

This digital world and the interactions that take place within it can manifest in an endless number of forms. Metaverse technology can be put to use in business settings, or it can be enjoyed by family and friends who cannot be together in the real world - an issue that is even more pressing given the current pandemic restrictions and Covid mandated lockdowns where loved ones may be separated from each other for extended periods.

Most recently, we have seen the Metaverse function as a means of entertaining people through gaming (e.g. the most popular game on the planet right now is a metaverse game called Roblox and gaming tools like GMK Metaverse 2 are taking the world by storm).

As a company that is focused on bringing people together and also organizing global tech talent to build products that do so — the implications of the metaverse are quite relevant for Facebook (now Meta). This immersive technology alters the way we engage with people, work and play in ways we are just now beginning to explore fully. Facebook (now Meta) wants to be on the cutting edge of this.

Remote work is improved through use of the metaverse as well. Workers in diverse locations can come together in curated virtual worlds for collaboration from the comfort of their homes or co-working spaces. Not only does this make your workplace more flexible and adaptable, it can cut down on costs related to individual in-person offices.

As evidenced by Facebook’s (Meta's) foray into Virtual Reality (VR) products like Oculus and VR-powered workspaces like Horizon Workrooms, there is a huge interest in capitalising on the metaverse in order to onboard, train, and retain top talent.

Building the Metaverse with trember

Here at trember, we don’t need to believe that the metaverse is possible — we have already built it. A revolutionary brand trusted by enterprises and fairs all over the world, our platform delivers unforgettable virtual and hybrid events and conferences.

Our mission is to allow you to create meaningful connections in both the real and digital worlds using our immersive and emotionally engaging all-in-one platform. Our team is dedicated to building the next iteration of the web in a way that is exciting, community oriented, and accessible.

The world doesn’t need tech giants to build - and monopolize - the metaverse. There is danger in centralization of the metaverse just as there is in every other space, and we believe that people like you deserve carefully cultivated boutique brand experiences over cookie cutter, big brand versions of that.

What the world needs moving into the future is a multiverse; an open and democratic world of metaverses that exist to serve the wants and needs of diverse families, workplaces, and communities.

With trember’s innovative technology, we empower you to attract, engage, and convert audiences using seamless navigation and interactive tools. We also have robust custom and scalable branding capabilities. We allow people to mingle and move fluidly between conversational groups within the same virtual room, and you are able to simplify navigation by linking rooms together in order to create a space where guests can follow your chosen event schedule seamlessly. Guests can exchange contact details in just one click using our virtual business card.

You decide the settings for each room based on your individual needs and guests can share pictures and videos, present screens, draw, and more. We designed our platform to include links, buttons, and clickable pictures you can share during your event. These include valuable materials, pictures, and addresses - all carefully curated in order to create the ultimate guest experience.

Intended to facilitate deep and authentic relationships regardless of physical distance, our CEO Dr. Nikolai Riesenkampff intended for trember to connect people using a virtual world. While other major tech brands may now be catching up to the reality of human connection now and in the future, we did it first, and we did it well. We hope you will be willing to explore what the metaverse looks like when built by those who pioneered the space and see what our product can offer you, your family, your business, and your community.

Welcome to the future. We look forward to exploring it’s possibilities with you.

Want to learn how trember is building Metaverse? Talk to our team

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