Innovative Hybrid and In-Person Events

trember provides digital and hybrid solutions for your guests to join whether from a venue or from home

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Our Solutions

"Portals" between online and offline worlds

Guests at the venue can connect with those who is joining from home via trember screens - "portals", windows that connect two different worlds. Guests online can move their avatars to join different portals while guests offline can physically move from one screen to another . Sizes of avatars in the room are different. depending on the guest location (venue or home) and role.

Chat is accessible from everywhere

Accessible in digital rooms for guests who join from home and via a link on a mobile phone for those who are at the venue. Without a need to join a video call, guests who joined event in person can still contribute to the conversation in the chat.

Send applauses to the speaker. Digitally

Guests who joined event in person can now share their excitement not only at the end of the speech or presentation by applauding but also as it goes by clicking one button on their mobile phones, as well as guests who joined online can do. Stats about reactions that were sent and when is available for organisers.

Flexible plenary rooms

Change layout of what is visible on the screen depending on where you want to show it: hide speaker on the big screen, while users joining from home will continue seeing him/her, or make some avatars wider depending on your need.

“Portals” Connecting Online and Offline Worlds

Guests at the venue can connect with guests joining from home via the trember portals – windows between two worlds. Online guests can move their avatars to join different portals while offline guests can walk from portal to portal. Replicate real world online with the same room layout as at the venue.

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Customizable Plenary Rooms

Change the look and feel of the screen as you like: from hiding speaker on the big screen, to enlarging guests' avatars.

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Standing Ovation to the Speakers, Digitally (coming soon)

In-person guests can now also applaud the speakers at any point of the event by clicking one button on their phones, just like the online guests. Reaction stats will be shared with event owners afterwards.

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Start Chatting Wherever You Are

Via digital rooms for online guests, or mobile phone for in-person guests, anyone can join a stimulating conversation by simply texting, no matter where they are.

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Customise your Office Backgrounds as you want

Replicate colours and furniture, which you have in your real office, or create a completely new space and add as many details as you want. Let your teammates express themselves with pictures and videos that reflect their personalities.

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