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Accessibility: devices and browsers

We do not limit usage of trember on any devices or browsers but we do support and test every new release only for the following list of browsers:
- Google Chrome on desktop and mobile
- Safari iOS and MacOS
- Opera desktop, with some limitations
- Edge desktop
- Firefox desktop

Some browsers/devices do not allow screen-sharing. For example, you will not be able to share your screen from any browser on iPhone. Also, while some browsers allow to choose tabs or windows for screensharing, some allow only sharing the whole screen (for example, Safari MacOs). We recommend that you test functions that you are going to use in a browser of your choice before an event.

We do not recommend using trember on a mobile for networking rooms with more than 10 people, even though doing so is technically possible, due to bandwidth and device limitations that may affect the participant’s experience. Also, ensure that you have no other tabs opened in your mobile browser (or at least not many of them) when joining an event.

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