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User authentication and room administration

Register at trember and attach administration rights to your account.‍

What can be done by the administrator of the room:
- All pictures can be pinned, unpinned or deleted
- All videos and drawings can be deleted
- Chat history can be deleted or, on the contrary, stored even after everyone leaves the room
- Avatars of other users can be pinned
- Other users can be muted or banned from the room
- Administrator can limit the ability of guests to draw, add content, change background, move, change modes, while the administrator is always able to do all of these
- Administrator can control stage view mode (invite people on stage or to Q&A session, share screen or add video even while not on stage)
- Administrator can add other administrators to the room

Please note, that there are some other functions that are not accessible via settings menu yet, but can be activated by our sales team.

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