Camera and Microphone Activation in Chrome

Open a trember room in Chrome.
Switch on camera and/or microphone on a room entry page or inside the room.
When prompted, choose Allow.

If you accidentally chose to Block trember's access to camera and/or microphone, you can grant it again via the button that you can find near the website URL...

... or in the browser settings.

How to give permissions to via Google Chrome settings:
1. Open Chrome
2. At the top right, click Chrome -> Preferences.
3. Under "Privacy and security," click Site settings.
4. Click Camera or Microphone.
5. To allow permissions to if you already blocked it: Under "Not allowed," select and change the camera or microphone permission to "Allow." Otherwise, choose Sites can ask to use your camera/microphone as a default setting to allow to ask you for the permissions when you visit a room.

If you're using a Chrome browser from a device, where a network administrator set camera and microphone settings for you and you cannot control them in a way described above. You have to contact an administrator in order to change settings. Check, if you device is managed by organisation following these instructions.

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