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Networking regimes

When one says "Let's trember", you probably immediately think of our engaging networking rooms where many participants can talk to many other participants at the same time.

In Proximity Mode, guests can mingle and move fluidly between conversational groups within the same room – and will hear only the participants who are close to them. It is also possible to use Equal-Sound Regime, where everyone will be able to hear everyone else.

With networking mode, everyone can see the same space and navigate it from any device. This mode allows adding pictures and creating your own metaverse-like worlds. Have a look at our backgrounds (if you want to have these or similar customized backgrounds for your event or room, please contact sales).

In networking rooms it is also possible to add:
- Youtube and Vimeo videos
- Drawings
- iFrames (premium feature) with presentations, other video players, documents and tools, etc
- Pictures of different sizes
- URLs for pictures (premium feature) that open websites or documents in another tab if clicked by guests
- Screen sharings

You can have up to 50 guests if you are using the paid version (contact sales to learn more) or up to 25 guests if you are using the free version in one room. 

Proximity Mode – enabling real-life-alike conversations

In proximity mode, guests can hear only those near them. Currently, everyone within a one avatar-diameter distance can hear each other at 100% volume, and everyone within from one to two-and-a-half diameters can hear each other at decreased volume.

There are plans to make this parameters dynamic and controllable for every room. Contact sales to learn more.

In proximity mode, if someone moves away from you, his/her avatar becomes smaller on your screen. This is the only thing that looks different for participants – the sizes of the others avatars. Pictures, videos and other elements are positioned the same way.

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