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What is trember

trember is a German company with HQ in Berlin that provides an all-in-one innovative virtual and hybrid event platform. “All-in-one” means that we aim to capture on our side all services related to event organisation, setup and management, allowing our clients to focus more on event content and not to worry about the rest. Speaking about “innovative”, trember is an eventtech player, providing groundbreaking technologies that make event participants feel as if they have joined a real-life event.

trember offers virtual rooms, where guests' videos play a role of avatars (yes, like in the metaverse but with your real face) that can be dragged-and-dropped to any point at the board.

What makes trember truly different from many other event platforms is our approach to guest engagement and networking. To boost the ability of participants to connect online, we are offering a special Proximity-Sound Mode. When this regime is activated, guests can mingle and move fluidly between conversational groups within the same room – and will hear only the participants who are close to them. One room can fit up to 50 people (25 in the free version of trember). For smaller groups, the Equal-Sound Regime can allow everyone to hear everyone else.

trember also offers a Stage-View Mode for up to 1000 viewers in the audience and up to six persons on stage.

But does this mean that you can organise events for up to no more than 1,000 persons at trember? No, you can connect together as many rooms as you want and to have an event environment that will fit as many guests as you want.

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