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How to start trember

Open a trember room in your browser. You can do this simply by inserting a room link into the address bar of your browser, by clicking the link in any app or browser tab, or by creating your own room.

If you want to create your own room, you need to register at trember with your email. Rooms creators' authentication was introduced in order to keep ownership of your administration rights in your email account, to allow you to manage your room from any browser and device. Registration takes just a few clicks and you don't have to remember a password! You will be able to create two rooms with different modes (networking and stage-view) per account. If you need more rooms, please talk to our team. Guests will be able to access any room without registration.

When you open a link to a trember room, you will see a page with a room cover picture, name, description (if any of these was added by a room creator) and camera and microphone switchers. Switch on camera and/or microphone on a room entry page. You can also do it later inside the room if in doubts.

When you grant access to camera and mic for the first time (and in some browsers – every time), you see a notification on the top of the screen. When prompted, choose Allow.

If you accidentally chose to Block trember's access to camera and/or microphone, you can grant it again via the button that you can find in the address bar of your browser...

... or in the browser settings.

Inside the room, you will see the following buttons:
Top navigation bar:
- a non-clickable trember logo or a logo of event-organiser (premium feature);
- button "invite" – can be use to invite others;
- button "modes" that leads to a choice of different sound and layout regimes;
- button "settings" that leads to camera, mic and room settings;
- button "exit" that closes the room (can lead to another website/event landing page for premium rooms)
Bottom navigation bar:
- button that opens a list of users in the room with an indicator of number of participants;
- "chat" button that opens a room chat;
- "plus" button that opens a sub-menu for media attachment;
- camera and mic activation/deactivation buttons.

For a stage-view regime, the bottom menu looks slightly different and depends on your role. If you are an administrator or a speaker on stage, you can activate your cam and mic and share your screen or video. If you are a guest in the audience, you can only raise your hand in order to be invited on stage.

In networking regimes, on the right side you can find "+" and "-" buttons that zoom the room in and out. You can control zoom with those buttons or with your touchpad and mouse.
Finally, there is a button in the right bottom corner that opens up the tab with the trember room on a full screen.

We recommend exploring trember together with a friend: 
- try out a proximity-sound regime (can be found behind Modes button in the top navigation bar) – move your avatars on the board away from each other and then back again to see how the volume changes;
- add pictures, share your screen, add Youtube or Vimeo video on the board or draw together;
- try our backgrounds or add your own picture (scale it up and pin to background to immobilise it).

You can also try out the chat function – currently everyone in the room can see messages there. Guests can delete their own messages, while the administrator can delete the messages of all participants. Also, by default all messages are deleted once everyone leaves the room, but the administrator can change the settings to keep messages as long as the room exists.

In the users list, you can find the names of guests and their roles (the administrator has a special tag) and a "three dots" button. Clicking this button calls up a list of actions that you can do with an avatar of the person, depending on your role, limitations and activated functions.

For example as an administrator, you can block and unblock camera/microphone of another person if rules are violated or there is too much noise (camera and microphone of a guest can be switched off and blocked only by the administrator, but must be actively switched on by this guest when it is unblocked again. Put simply, the administrator cannot activate your mic or camera without your consent).

Administrators can also exclude individuals from the room, clean up their media including pictures, drawings and videos and make them administrators.
If business cards (premium feature) are activated in the room, everyone can exchange their contacts from the menu in the user list.
Individuals can also invite each other to private rooms – this function is coming soon.
Same actions are also accessible by clicking on the avatar of the person.

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Open a trember room in your browser. You can do it by simply inserting a room link to the address bar of your browser, by clicking the link in any app or browser tab or by creating your own room.

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